DATUM Series One Gantry Mill CNC
Made in Aotearoa New Zealand

Small Footprint.
Big Precision.

The DGM-S1 Has Been Designed & Manufactured in Aotearoa New Zealand.

When it comes to machine size, cost and precision, unique it is class, nothing comes close to the DATUM Machines Series One Gantry Mill CNC. 

Versatile and compact with touch screen operation, its precision machining ability across a wide range of materials makes this the ideal solution for a wide range of users.

Complete with with full enclosure for chip containment and operator safety, the DGM-S1 is a safe and practical hands-on tool suitable for students in High Schools, Technical Colleges and for use in institutions teaching CNC engineering skills. 

Machine Dimensions 

   Length = 1470mm  Width = 1260mm  Height = 1720mm 

New Zealand Made

Perfect for Production or Prototyping.

The CNC Machine — Reinvented.

Every machined component has been designed from the ground up with the end goal of achieving maximum accuracy and precision. 

The DGM-S1 is built to be a solid, stable & versatile workhorse for full production runs, or one-off prototypes.

Capable of repeatable precision across a wide range of materials including plastics, composites, brass, aluminium and steel.

The cutting bed area is 800 X 640.

Gantry working height is 200mm 

DATUM_DGM-S1 RH side Open
Datum CNC Gantry Mills are operated with a MASSO controller.
MASSO Touch Screen.

Making CNC more accessible

Some CNC machines are often overly complicated to use. The Series One changes all that with the easy-to-use MASSO G3 touchscreen control which removes the need for a PC.

Smooth workflow with Wi-Fi file & USB transfer from PC To MASSO


Download the the MASSO phone App for remote monitoring

Visit DATUM at Stand 4115
And check out the DGM-S1
Along with a range of
Parfaite Tool Holders
Jianken High Speed Spindles
Simphoenix Universal Inverters

May 28-30, Auckland Showgrounds

Faster to market.

Rapid Workflow

With its precision cutting ability packed into its small footprint (just 1470 X 1260), if you have a product to take to market, the Series One gives you much faster production workflow.

Get the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

                  This is the CNC for anyone with a product to take to market!

We use our Machines to make our Machines. 

We know what they’re capable of!

Datum CNC Machines. Made in New Zealand
RHS Steel Frame. Vibration Free.

Solid Composite Core

The precision of DATUM CNC comes from the RHS steel frame construction with a solid composite core and engineering 6061 grade aluminium components.

Specifically designed and assembled to eliminate vibration and minimise resonance, this gives you enhanced machine accuracy and excellent finish quality across all the materials you work with

And a longer tool life too!





The right tool for the job.

Automatic Tool Change Spindle As Standard

The DGM-S1 Gantry Mill comes standard with an Jianken ISO 25Taper Single Phase 32amp ATC High Speed Spindle and rear mounted 10-Slot Tool Magazine

Supplied with a custom set of:

  • 3 X ISO25 Tool Holders
  • 3 X ER20 Collets paired to selected Tools
  • 3 X CarbideTools NZ cutters

Starter pack of cutters can be customised to your requirements.

If you prefer a non-ATC Spindle no problem.

Talk to us about Spindle & Magazine options. 

Datum Catalog 01339 croppeda

The DATUM Series ONE CNC Gantry Mill

Fully Equipped & Ready To Run

$46,500 + GST

 Finance Options Available
Like to know more?

Get in touch

We’re available to answer any questions you have about our Series One Gantry Mill CNC machine (estimated lead times from June 8 – 12 weeks), talk about our other machines on the way (there’s a Series Two and Three coming!) or just discuss your CNC workflow, we’re here to chat.

We’re also looking to hire talented people who love working with machines, electronics, automation and robots, so if you’re interested in working with us, get in touch!

 04 3903 103



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